Personal Loans

Personal loans We provide different loan products to individuals in our society

Non – payroll loans

We provide short term loans to individuals who are in employment or have proof of regular income. these type of facilities can be issued to individual requiring funding to meet emergency needs which may include schools fees , medical bills, acquiring assert, building or expanding your home and many other unforeseen expenses.

Loan Application process

Individual approaches Mayaki- Enterprises for funding.

Mayaki- Enterprises confirms individual KYC documentation and supporting documents.

Credit appraisal conducted.

Management credit committee approves facility.

Security perfection with ministry of lands or RTSA is undertaken finances is advanced to individual.

Personal credit - corporate payroll

Mayaki – Enterprise service provides short term credit facilities to employees of companies that enter into memorandum of understanding (mOU ) for payroll deduction with Mayak- enterprise. We offer superior service with a short turnaround time. The process is simple, and funds are disbursed within 24 HOURS Of a complete application being received. The fund are collected via monthly payroll deduction form the employer company.

Key features or our loans

Short term in nature meant to finance short term needs that banks typically do not finance.

Loan repayment period is from 1 month to 36 months.

Top ups available after 3 months og performance on initial loan.

No collateral required.

Early loan repayment allowed.

Loan size depends on employees salary and tenure of loan.

How it works

- Employer agrees to facilitate Mayaki – Enterprise loan deduction from payroll.

- Employer agrees to remit deduction schedule and payment to Mayaki – Enterprise.
- NRC.

- Three latest payslips.

- Pre Approval documents from HR/Finance.

- Three latest bank statements.

- Introductory letter.
- Check that employees pay is within MOU conditions.

- Credit reference Bureau check.

- Reconfirms employment status.

- Loan approved.

- Loan disbursed within 24 hours.
- Mayaki – Enterprise submits loan repayment schedule on agreed date.

- Employer uploads deductions on payroll.

- Employer transfer consolidated deductions with deduction schedule to Mayaki Enterprise.

- Mayaki Enterprise uploads repaymens on system and loans is fully paid off.

Instant salary advances

Mayaki enterprise services provides short term credit facilities to individuals in formal employment. We offer superior services with a short turnaround time. the procedure is simple and straightforward in addition funds are disbursed within the short turnaround time of 30 minutes less upon successful application forms.

The funds are collected at the end of the month though. direct debit and credit clearing DDACC payment system.

How do I qualify

To apply for an instant salary advance fill in a loan application form and bring the following

Three latest pay slip stamped employer.

Three latest bank statement (stamped by bank).

Introductory letter from the employer.

Copy of NRC/Valid Drivers license.

Two passport size photos.

Copy of NRC/Valid Drivers license.

Short Term Loans for Small Business

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