Business Loans

We provide different loan products to companies who provide services to reputable off-takers

Loan Application process requirements

You don’t need to be a business financing expert, but you should be asking these five questions to help you compare financing offers and find the business loan that best meets your needs.

Loan Application process

SMEs supplier / contractor approaches Mayaki- Enterprises for funding.

Mayaki- Enterprises order with corporate KYC documentation reviewed.

Credit appraisal conducted.

Management credit committee approves facility.

Security perfection with lands, PACRA & RTSA undertaken & finance is advanced to SME.

Corporate MOU based SME financing

These products are available to SMEs who provides services/goods to established Corporate who have signed a memorandum of understanding Mayaki- Enterprises to facilitate payment of Mayaki- Enterprises loan repayments directly from the off - taker.

Step 1. Corporate signs MOU with Mayaki- Enterprises.

Step 2. SMEs applies for loan and credit appraisal is conducted.

Step 3. Mayaki- Enterprises recomfirms invoices/supply history with corporate.

Step 4. Assignment of receivables by SME to Mayaki- Enterprises.

Step 5. Financing advanced to SME.
Step 1. Mayaki – Enterprise makes submission of amounts due to corporate.

Step 2. Corporate pays Mayaki – Enterprise full invoice value.

Step 3. Mayaki – deducts loan amount payable and remits balance of funds to the borrower.

Step 4. l oan closed off.

Short Term Loans for Small Business

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